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GOOGLE: 4.7 stars

YELP: 4.5 stars

Tripadvisor: 5 stars

5 Star YELP Review - Kat C.

 I'll start by saying tacos are my favorite food (I could eat them every day), and Wild Tacoz did not disappoint!! In fact , I don't think I have ever had a beef taco with so much flavor. You can tell the ingredients are fresh but the fusion with Greek toppings really make the meal shine.

I decided to get takeout for my birthday and the team truly made me feel so special (throwing in a sweet treat). I can't wait to go back not only for more delicious food but to also say hello again to such kind and friendly neighbors.

Highly recommended everyone give them a try!

 GOOGLE Review

Delicious! My new favorite taco place in the area. Everything is super fresh! If you are into Greek food, their spinach pie (as a side dish) is out of this world, the best one I’ve ever had. The staff is super nice and took time to explain the menu in detail.


 5 Star YELP Review: Daniel S.

I've tried both Tex-Mex style burritos and Greek-fusion burritos now, and I really only have positive things to say. This restaurant does a lot, but they do it all phenomenally. Definitely order a combo -- the sides are amazing too. I particularly love how expansive the veggie menu is! I actually deleted the Chipotle app off my phone after my last visit. This is definitely my new burrito cravings spot.

 5 Star GOOGLE Review

All homemade fresh food! I was working on the road in front of the store and decided to stop and try the tacos after my foreman told me to try the tacos! I had the 2 taco and a side of Mac special. When I tell you this food is phenomenal, I’m not lying. 5 stars all the way!

 GOOGLE Review

This is one of my new favorite places! You can taste the supreme quality of ingredients and everything is cooked with such care. Every bit is seasoned so well. I’m vegan and most p laces really don’t season veggies well at all. Not here though! You can the owners love what they are doing. Healthy and outstandingly tasty. The juice drinks are also awesome and medicinal. Great prices too. Thank you!! Will be back.

 GOOGLE: 5 Star Review- Karter S.

I’ve been to Wild Tacoz numerous times since I arrived to Virginia in January. The first time I walked in the staff was so inviting and welcoming and the owner explained how the food is so fresh which is something you hear everywhere but this place is one of the few where they are truthful to their word. The food is top tier and the vibes in the restaurant are immaculate, the manager always has a great story to tell and great to have a conversation with. The amount of professionalism and kindness they have instilled within themselves and their place of work. They are respectful and uphold the highest standards. Amazing job by the whole staff. Highly recommend!

 5 Star GOOGLE Review- Tanner E.

Seriously the best tacos I've ever had-- and I've lived in Mexico. I found this place because I was looking for Kool Foods. The owner, Ted, is passionate about food. Check out some of the Kool Foods products while you're there; it's a little pricey, but it's worth it because they fill you up pretty quickly and are great for a meal replacement.

 5 Star YELP Review - Richard W.

Wild Tacoz is the kind of locally owned neighborhood spot that I love supporting.  The Owner, Teddy is also the chef, when he found out I was a first time patron, he took the time to explain the menu, note that food was locally sourced and everything was prepared from scratch, in house.  
I ordered two ground beef tacos with all the toppings.  Food is cooked to order, yes, taco meat cooked to order, no sitting around in a hotel pan steaming flavor and moisture out of the meat, did I mention TACO MEAT COOKED TO ORDER.  OMG...yes this is place is the TRUTH.  Side I had was spanakopita, which was delicious.  
Wild Tacoz is a fusion of Mexican and Greek, that truly works.  Prices are very reasonable, and the staff is fantastic, glad I found this hidden gem located in a strip mall on Lee Hwy.

 5 Star YELP Review from J.C.  

REALLY good tacos that are creative and delicious! You can select your protein, veggies, toppings and sides, so everything is custom made for you. There are some great vegetarian options.  I highly recommend the cauliflower/broccoli in a soft taco.  Wow! The meats are all from an Amish farm, so are fresh and yummy and I mean really, really good. Quality ingredients in tacos takes them to a new level.
There's a bit of a Greek flavor in the toppings and sides that adds a new dimension to tacos that tastes great.

5 Star YELP Review - Ken B.

We finally got off our asses and drove down the street to Wild Tacoz today and are very glad we did.  We literally just finished our two tacos/one side meal and are very pleased with the food and service. We both got the ground beef with the spinach rice and mac and cheese sides.  We also got the chips and guacamole.  
I often start judging a Mexican restaurant by their tortilla chips and I can report they are great here. Nice and crispy and pretty substantial. The guacamole was creamy and had a nice flavor. Great start!!
Our tacos with hard shells were awesome and after our first bite we both said "yummmm" at the same time.  Fresh toppings, great sides and a really interesting and tasty salsa bar make this restaurant feel unique and healthy. The cool thing about this place (besides being in our hood) is that the menu offers very interesting options without being overwhelming.  I can see myself working my way through the various sides and maybe even trying out the tofu taco!
We are excited to have Wild Tacoz as our new neighbor and plan to incorporate it into our local "go to" places.  Nice job folks!

 5 Star YELP Review - Alaina P.

As a vegan, it isn't always easy to find good tacos but this place has a plethora of vegetarian options and delicious salsa. I highly recommend the tofu tacos! Delicious family owned restaurant! Highly recommend.

 5 Star YELP Review - Carolyn B.

We were searching for some good Spanish food and drove past this little place. It stood out and we walked in unaware of the gem we had found. It has a similar premise to Chipotle where you chose what goes in your taco, burrito, or bowl. HOWEVER, the difference is the quality and some of the ingredient choices. The food portions are good and the taste is on point. The big difference is you don’t feel like a bloated fish after eating that scrumptious burrito.

GOOGLE: 5 Star Review Mary B

Great fresh food! We just love this place and have eaten here several times. The tacos are our favorite, with all the fresh ingredients and made to order. Amazing lemon spinach rice too. The owners are great people which really adds to the vibe. A special place that we look forward to.

 4 Star YELP Review - Paso L.

A nice little place for a tasty and fairly healthy meal. The tacos here aren't traditional in any way, but are satisfying. It seems a little odd that probably their best item is the tofu filled taco, but they've actually managed to make the bland protein worth ordering. Filled with flavor and a little crispy, it holds up to salsa and toppings. So if you are vegetarian or vegan, this place is a good option in particular.
The sides are a little expensive, but I can excuse that given the quality. I do wish there were a single side option of rice and beans, instead of just the two separate.
The owner is enthusiastic and kind and seems to have put a lot of care into opening this new shop. Worth a visit.

 5 Star GOOGLE Review - Doug B.

This is the kind of restaurant you hope makes it. Unpretentious. Good ingredients. Nice folks. I had 2 Tacos  and a side of beans for under $10. Both the shredded chicken and pork were delicious. The toppings fresh and they had an assortment of other sides to offer as well. I'll be back with the family.

 5 Star GOOGLE Review from William M.

Curious about all the buzz & stopped in for a late lunch (2 pm) while running errands.  We noted that this was during the "soft" opening/shakedown period, and the fine-tuning really shows.
Even at a slack time of day, everything was prepared FRESH, as in cooked while you wait.  Don't think I'd ever had a real premium taco before.  The beef (not ground or sliced in this case, but semi-shredded/minced) on soft taco was perfect, ditto the chicken on hard.  The marinades were spiced just right, actually tasty, and not simply nuked with picante; requested toppings were perfect - cheeses, lettuce, onions fresh fresh fresh.  Everything was hot!  The table of available add-ons for self-shaking was a first, and with a nice selection.
It would be decadent to visit twice on the same day, so we'll restrain ourselves and be back tomorrow - gotta sample the amazing list of side dishes