About Kool Foods

Nature's Fast Foods that tame your hunger, optimize your health, and that are convenient & delicious.

Kool Foods were developed by Nutrition Master Foods. The container design came from research based on what an average size stomach can maintain safely before enlarging and putting your heart at a risk from overeating.

The way you should think about eating.

fruit and nutsToday, the most popular dry common good food sources ready to eat are: vegetables, beans, grains, nuts, seeds and fruits. These foods are becoming everyone's choice to satisfy their hunger. Kool Foods' dry ingredients also are basic: nuts, seeds, grains, fruits, beans and vegetables. These nutritious food sources absorb quickly in your body. The body metabolizes these ingredients in this order: fruits, vegetables, beans, grains, nuts, then seeds. The average stomach holds around 12oz of food. When you consume more than this, you start stretching your stomach wall which causes discomfort that could last a while.  "Please do not treat your stomach as a TRASH CAN!"

To stop you from overeating and to maximize nutrition, we made Kool Foods. You have a choice that fits your needs - a 3oz pouch or a 2.5oz refillable container. We recommend drinking 6 to 8 oz of water with it. Kool Foods manages your food intake to optimize the speed of nutrition  taking the guess work out of your nourishment.

Our ingredients are down to earth - vegetables, fruits, beans, grains, nuts, seeds, herbs and spices with no fillers. They will help boost your metabolism and immune system with alkaline foods and digestible enzymes for peak performance.

Kool Foods names help to pick the time of day to tame your hunger. The cool names are: Morning Bites - Mid-Day Goodies - Food Shots - Evening Snack, try them all. We are Vegan, Raw and Gluten Free with no added GMO's, chemicals, food fillers, antibiotics, preservatives, hormones or refined sugar.

Other good food snacks and oils.  

To solve your sweet cravings, we have a unique treat; Chocolate Crunch™ and Fruit Snacks. Food Shakers™ help to neutralize acidic foods with alkaline based foods with digestible enzymes. You just sprinkle it on whatever you eat – pizza, fish, meats, vegetables to French Fries to help digest your meals. We also have two kinds of virgin olive oils your taste buds will crave, Grainy Gourmet Oil™ today's butter and Grainy Vegetable Oil™ with a tangy taste.  Take any of your current foods to a higher level of balanced nourishment with these oils. 

Sometimes you do not need a full plate of food every time you get hungry. Stop overeating, it overwhelms your body. There are times you just need Kool Foods to tame your hunger. Replace one meal every other day to have one meal a day with Kool Foods™, it's easy and convenient. Kool Foods™ can be eaten at any time of the day, and you can mix or match them. Read more about how Kool Foods™ redefines food logic with all the other healthy food products.

Kool Foods’ ingredients come from All American Pharmaceuticals and Natural Foods. Do not let their name fool you. All American Pharmaceutical is a leading manufacturer of dietary, food and nutritional supplements.