Thank you for your interest in our Kool Foods, snacks and other healthy food products. We offer special prices for small and large organic grocery stores, sports retailers, convenience retail locations, sports complex arenas, beauty salons, personal trainers, doctors, personal health nutritionists and other businesses.  

Teddy's Tubes Retail Display

Meal Pack - A full day of mealsBreakfast Tubes Refill PackDinner Tubes

The main advantage in selling our regular or hanging Kool Foods near your checkout counters is that they take up very little space. There are two options in displaying them: lay them down or hang them up. Many of your customers get very hungry while shopping and it will be easy for them to buy them and eat healthy on the run. With Kool Foods, instead of just snacks, you can now offer a fully nourishing meal! Eating our meals will provide your customers the benefits of the forgotten foods; vegetables, grains, beans and fruits. The reason to have these meals in your stores is to add Meal Tubes next to your existing product mix. Our goal is to partner with great retail establishments and other business. Our products will result in happy repeat customers returning to your stores to get healthy, nutritious meals and snacks.

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