What Separates Kool Foods from Ordinary Foods & Health Cost Benefits.

FREE SHIPPING OVER $85 We attend countless trade shows and help explain the scoop on real nutrition.  Today, food labels use buzz words for you to reach for their products.  Here is the truth about Carbohydrates, Sugars, Fiber, Proteins, Fats and Salts. 

  • There are two main types of Carbohydrates, simple and complex. Simple carbs are empty calories that are not rich in nutrients.  Simple carbs may give you quick energy, but in time if you don’t burn them off, will cause serious health issues.  The complex carbs are nutrient dense and give you energy almost instantly and these carbs work with your body and are digested much easier.  (Kool Foods™ have complex carbs).
  • Sugars come in many forms and like anything else there is healthy and unhealthy. The sugars to avoid are alcohol sugars, white bleached sugars and corn sugars.  These sugars may cause long term illnesses such as; diabetes, bad teeth and obesity.  The healthy natural occurring fiber sugars are found in fresh fruits, sugar in the raw and beet sugars.  The body recognizes these natural fiber sugars and breaks it down quicker and slows down the sugar going into your blood.  (Kool Foods™ do not add any sugar, the source of natural occurring sugar from the raw fruit ingredients).
  • Fibers are vital to break down fats, slow down sugars and metabolize your foods. Fiber comes from beans, grains, vegetables and fruits. Try to avoid getting fiber from GMO foods!  (Kool Foods is a fiber and alkaline  product).
  • Proteins come from dairy, meats, beans, grains, vegetables and other plant based foods. Plant based proteins break down quicker in your body with less sugars.  Meats and dairy take the longest to break down.  Steer clear of meats, dairy and other foods that contain steroids, estrogen, and GMO!  (Kool Foods' protein is a plant source product).
  • Fat does not make you fat. Fat is important to balance your bodies energy and brain.  Omega oils from fish, plants, fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy and olive oils are rich with good fats.  Fats help you to go to the bathroom more often and easer.  Stay away from vegetable oil, dehydrated oils, canola oil and any man made oils.  (Kool Foods fats source contain both from the source).
  • Natural crystal and sea salts are the best source of minerals for your body. Salts from the earth, water and foods your body identifies.  Stay away from bleached and blended salts.  Many blended salts are mixed with fillers.  (Kool Foods salt source is crystal from the mountains).

Kool Foods uses the best natural source of ingredients.  Your body will tell you what is healthy or unhealthy.  When you compare Kool Foods cost to other foods, you get what you pay for.  Pay now or pay later with triple the cost of health care.   Eating fast foods or canned goods may keep your wallet full for now, but imagine twenty years from now when you have to pay high medical bills.   The real way to save on your grocery bills is to buy quality foods to extend and protect your life and your budget.   

Cost comparison to Fast Foods, Restaurants, Bag Foods, Frozen Meals, Prepackaged Bar Meals.

Categories                              Average Cost                           Teddy’s Tubes             
Fast Foods                                    $6 to $9                                          $5.80                         Restaurants                                 $12 to $25                                       $5.80                       Delicatessens & Cafes                 $8 to $12                                        $5.80                       Meal Bars & Bag Foods                $5 to $7                                          $5.80                 Frozen Meals                                $5 to $8                                           $5.80

We all know meals are a big part of the budget.   Every time you reach for Kool  Foods, your cost is the same.  We all want to live life to the fullest and with great health, the good thing is you are in control.  Do not put trash in your stomach!   Treat your body as a temple!  One convenient tube a day or every other day. a division of *888-464-3439