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"Hi Teddy,

I am so glad I met you and your daughter at the Herndon Festival and that I bought some of your tubes. 

When I tried them the first time I noticed how satisfied they made me feel.  I knew right away I was eating balanced, clean whole foods.  Thank you for your commitment to nutrition that led to your creating the healthy meal and snack options.

I have a friend who is Vegan and she has been encouraging me to eat more raw vegetables, beans and grains.  While, I am not meatless, I have been able to eat more the vegan way, thanks to your blends.  They are a part of my meal plan every day."

~ Deborah Johnson
Prince William County, VA 



"I found Nutrition Master Foods a few years ago at a Fairfax craft show. I have been a customer since then and cannot eat my yogurt without some "Breakfast Tube" added as well as my Cream of Wheat with added "Food Shots". I also like the Food Shots for snacking! I'm also a fan of the Grainy Golden oil to replace butter in my dishes. These foods make me feel great about what is going into my body."

~ Caroline



"I sampled Nutrition Master Foods Products at the Tarrytown Awaken Fair (March 2015) and immediately made my first purchase. I've been hooked and can't find myself without "Lunch Tubes" mix ever since. I add it to my morning kefir, on my salads or simply as is for a quick boost especially when I find myself pressed for time and can't grab a nutritious meal. I highly recommend all Nutrition Master Foods for anyone with food sensitivities looking for nutritious and healthy nourishment."

 ~ Very satisfied customer
Stormville, NY



"I didn't start getting serious about the food tubes until about two months ago and lost 15 pounds since then! That's why I really got excited. I finally took a friend's advice to go raw so it's a great way to satisfy my hunger, Thanks a lot!"

~ Karyl
New York



"I bought a bag of dinner tube refill mix at business convention in Hartford a couple months ago. I wasn't sure that I really needed it yet wanted to support people who are trying to help others be healthy. (Tabitha Freeman) (

This morning, I needed a quick bite before an event and didn't have time to make breakfast. I rummaged through my trunk and couldn't find my nutrition bars. I saw my bag of dinner tubes mix and decided to open it up.

After eating about a small tube's worth, I feel so happy and satisfied with my meal. You know that mild high you get when you eat something very nutritious, yet filling, and you can FEEL your body soaking in the nutrients? That's exactly how I feel right now. It's amazing. That's why I had to reach out and thank you for putting this product together. I can imagine that hikers on the Appalachian Trail would be so pleased to have this with them."



"My Doctor Experiences

I am currently 63 years old/young.  Every once and a while I am forced to visit a doctor, usually because of flue or cold symptoms that need antibiotics, sometimes a physical.  Since my mid 40's , any time I go to see a medical professional the first question asked is "what drugs are you taking" the answer is always "none".  I am then lectured on "at your age" I should be on drugs.  When I ask why, "preventative measures" is always the answer.  I looked into some stats and 48% of americans over 40 take at least 1 prescription drug a day, that increases to a minimum of 5 prescription drugs by 60.  Recently the news announced over 300,000 seniors addicted to pain killers and every day there are new side effects with another prescription drug to handle it.  I choose not to take drugs for what the professionals call "preventative medicine" as I have seen too many of my friends, family and colleagues spiral downhill from preventative measures.  I follow the old adage "Live, Laugh, Love" for my mental health, good food for my physical health, and an active life style for  balance. Life is good!"

~ Tina

"A thumbs up to Teddy and Nutrition Master Foods for the excellent service and product. I had my doubts when I first heard about it, but it is very tasty, satisfying and makes a wonderful replacement meal."

~ Karen